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August 13, 2011

Community Health from an acupuncturist's view

I started Asari Acupuncture Interlude Program, a Community Acupuncture clinic, because of a long interest in the health of the whole community that I live in. For me that does go beyond the people that come for health care; it includes the land and all the parts of it that we rely on for daily life. It includes the elements of the world we live in that give us air, water, food, shelter. And more than that, that offer peace, beauty, inspiration. This is the real, the natural, the only world we have.

I believe that we must do more than think about our world around us, we must take care to be stewards instead of consumers; we must act with respect and thoughtfulness. This is something we don't do much of and don't do well; we talk of stopping pollution but don't stop driving our cars much and we talk of living sustainably but continue to buy processed, packaged foods that come from all over the world.

Now there is something we can do something about that will make a difference in the quality of life in our Driftless Region for decades to come. That is to become informed about and active in the issue of the huge powerline that American Transmission Company is considering putting directly through the middle of our bioregion.

What you do now is important. Don't live right where the line will go? What about having to pay for it, for a very long time in charges on your electric bill, even though no one in this area will ever get any electricity from the line? How about trying to calculate the trauma to our communities and families as the homes, land and farms are condemned and taken in a long straight line from LaCrosse to Reedsburg? Will it be a good thing to canoe down the Kickapoo and maybe have a unique experience with the static electricity generated by this size of powerline, while you sit on water in a metal canoe? The government recommends not touching any metal object while under these lines during conditions of high humidity. Hmmmm....sounds like a lot of our weather here!

Please get informed by going to the Town of Stark website:
and sign up to get their information and assistance in what is helpful to stop this very bad idea.

Remember, you won't get any power from this line, but you will get to pay for it!
Keep checking here and at the Stark Town listserve for information on how to help keep our land and community healthy and free of giant powerlines.


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