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July 23, 2010

Acupuncture Update

We have had so much rain lately it reminds me of living in Vancouver, Canada; they get about 13 feet of rain each year! I hope you all are staying dry and your gardens are full of flowers and ripening tomatoes, which are one of the best summer treats.

The rain also brings more molds and other airborne particles to aggravate allergy problems.
If you suffer from allergies, there is more you can do to reduce and even eliminate these reactions. A neti pot is a safe, simple way to reduce symptoms by reducing the dust and pollen that gets in the nasal mucus membranes. Daily use of a neti pot cleans out the dust and pollen before it causes a reaction in your immune system. It can replace the use of over the counter anti-histamines and other drugs that often have side effects. Many people have discovered the benefits of this simple self treatment. Neti pots are available at most pharmacies.

If you still have some allergic symptoms or would like to change your health so that allergies don't interfere with your enjoyment of life acupuncture can help. The best way to effectively treat your allergies is to start acupuncture treatments before reactions occur. Starting treatment a month or more before you usually get symptoms gives your body time to make changes and heal so that you are ahead of the problem and do less controlling of symptoms during the allergy season.

Since Asari Acupuncture joined the Holistic Health Center I have been collaborating with Susan Barendregt MNT to treat allergies and digestive problems. Susan B has been very helpful for many people with allergies. By working cooperatively we provide a range of treatment options so that your treatment is exactly what you need to change your health. Individualized treatment plans are an essential part of Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have been successfully and safely treating allergic conditions for hundreds of years! Give me a call or email to get started on a future free of sneezy, itchy, stuffy reactions.

Meanwhile, enjoy the beauty and bounty of summer. If you are in the Viroqua area, stop by the Holistic Health Center and say hello; we like visitors!

Best Wishes,
Susan Cushing C.A.


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