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January 18, 2010

Winter Pleasures

Hi Everyone;
It's midwinter and most of us benefit from an enjoyable interlude in the long winter season. Here are a few ideas:

* Go see the annual juggling convention in Madison. (Check the Madison City website or tourism department or the Isthmus paper www.thedailypage.com/daily/ .)

* If you are in Madison, visit Olbrich Gardens www.olbrich.org ; the tropical conservatory is a wonderful way to banish winter for a while. Olbrich Gardens is one of the 10 best botanical gardens in the country. Anyone who loves to garden really should see it, winter or summer.

* Spend a few minutes when the sun comes up on a sunny day to watch the light change.

* If you ski, walk or snowshoe in the winter, go to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and enjoy an outing at one of the best natural reserves in the midwest.

* Get a massage from one of the great massage therapists we have in Viroqua.

* Come and take a sauna at the Holistic Health Center's far-infra red sauna.

* If you have health concerns that you have been hoping will go away and they haven't....now might be a good time to make an appointment for an acupuncture assessment. Add some options to your health care. Learn what's possible for your health!

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy.

Susan Cushing C.A.


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