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December 15, 2009

More on Stress

Our human bodies operate on repeating signals that are affected by both the environment around us and the other activities going on inside of us. We do not function on signals given one time only. Whether it is a signal to digest food, run from danger or fall asleep we rely on the consistency of these signals for continuous, harmonious function of all our body's systems.
Since consistent, repeating patterns are part of how we normally function it is easy for these signals to be incorporated in our bodies and minds. We use this all the time; the ringing telephone is a consistent, repeating signal that we respond to in the same way every time it occurs.
Unfortunately, negative or harmful signals or patterns are just as easily incorporated. Since they always occur in conjunction with some type of stress response or tension the harmful pattern is triggered every time the stress response or tension occurs in our body or mind.
This is one of the most important reasons for reducing and managing "stress". When your breathing is shallow or rapid, it tells the body there is potential "danger" and stress responses begin. This goes on all day long when we cannot relax, breathe fully and move freely. It occurs when there is too much noise or bright lights for too long. It occurs when we maintain a fixed gaze for long periods of time, such as when using a computer or driving or watching TV.
Often patients will comment that they don't know why they feel anxious or can't sleep or have other symptoms. Sometimes it is because there has been such a long time of repeating alarm signals that
it becomes impossible to turn off the body's response. Stress response continues even though we think there is nothing going on.
So take a moment and breathe, and relax. Take a moment and stretch, move around, wiggle your feet or fingers; do something to let the tension out. It seems simple and unimportant but may have very strong effects on every organ and system in your body.
If you are doing the best you can to keep stress under control and still have headaches, insomnia or other symptoms......try acupuncture, it works!

Susan Cushing
Asari Acupuncture
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