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February 8, 2010

Taking Pills

Using Oriental Herbal Medicine prescription medication from your friendly acupuncturist can be a bit different than using "allopathic" prescription medications from other systems of medicine. Oriental Herbal Medicine, also known as "Chinese Herbal Medicine" in the US, is created with the same purpose as other medications but functions differently to achieve its effects.

When Oriental Herbal Medicine is used according to the protocols of Oriental Medicine, there are three functions the medications should perform.
*First, the chief complaint should be addressed and relieved. Pain, insomnia, infections...whatever the symptoms are, they should change.
*Second, there should be no significant side effects. This important point is often surprising to patients in this part of the world. Long ago Oriental Medicine experts decided that it was best to not cause other problems while fixing the one being treated and to this day, most treatments given in clinical or outpatient settings are expected to not have side effects.
*Third, the patient often feels better in general due to a course of treatment with Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. This is because the process of treatment includes helping the body regain overall normal function as an aspect of fixing the primary health problem.

So when you have seen your friendly acupuncturist or doctor and have been given a prescription for treating what ails you, try this technique for making swallowing pills easy: put the pill in your mouth, take a drink of water and then look at the floor when you swallow. The back of your throat opens up and the pills go down much more easily than when you look up to swallow.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe!

Susan Cushing
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